Novice Jar of Gold Paydirt with 2 Grams of Natural Gold

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Novice Jar of Gold Paydirt with 2 Grams of Natural Gold

  • 2 grams of gold
  • Mesh #25-#8

Customer Reviews

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James Goff
Wow! As always your pay7 dirt payed off. I haven't finished yet but i sifted a good amount of pic...

Real good I'm not through it all yet i pan a little every night.Thank you .

Cris Salanga
Lots 'o' fun!

This was my very first bag of paydirt and very first experience panning. I was able to find 6.5% more gold than what was guaranteed. I re-panned my tailings twice and only found a single speck of gold that was too small to weigh. The paydirt had very little magnetics. I would recommend this paydirt (and have recommended it to others). I would buy this again, but I may get a tub of the "intermediate" paydirt to make it a bit more difficult for me to pan.

Eric Bethard
So much fun that it made a sullen, angsty teenager smile!

I purchased this for my son and I to pan out in our backyard. We've had a long Covid lockdown full of worry for myself and my wife, and my son was unable to get out and socialize for the last year. I had seen a couple of paydirt / panning videos on YouTube and I thought...Let's give it a shot. We panned it out 1/4 of a cup at a time, over 4 days or so (each of us panned a 1/4 cup a day). On the very first day, the very first pan, he found a giant (at least, in our eyes) nugget of gold. He grinned like crazy and he was hooked. We found gold in every 1/4 cup of dirt. I went back through and panned the "leftovers", and even found a few more flakes. It was really fun and we both had a good time doing it.

Now, for the breakdown:

1: Difficulty -- The novice dirt had big chunks of gold in it and most of it was easy to find. If you keep panning it out, you'll find smaller and smaller flakes of gold. Fun!

2: Amount of gold -- I have an inexpensive scale, but the two of us (who have never panned before) managed to get just a hair over 2 grams of gold from the 3 pounds of paydirt. Pan out the gold carefully, as there are some smaller flakes and even a little flour gold in that dirt. And pan the dirt into a container so you can re-pan it later. I'm sure we missed some of it, but even with that we managed 2+ grams of gold!

3: Fun factor -- Is it a shiny yellow rock, or is it really a gold nugget? Who can find the smallest flake? Who can find the flake that the other person missed? Who can find the biggest piece? What I'm trying to say is...It was a lot of fun! Fun factor was pegged at "11". If a teenager can have fun during a pandemic lockdown, anyone can!

4: Size of gold -- Most of the gold found was bigger pieces. Easier for us first-timers to find. There were smaller gold flakes, a couple of pieces of "wire gold" and even a piece or two of "flour gold", if you panned long enough.

5: Paydirt result vs. label claims -- We did a little bit better than the label said (2 grams). So, I would say that the the paydirt exceeded the label claims quite easily.

Conclusion: If you are looking for some fun paydirt, get the 3 pound tub and have the time of your life! Need some bonding time with the kids? Take 30 minutes and pan out some gold with them. Have a question? Irwin is there to answer them for you and the communication level could not have been better. If you can't tell, I was very happy with my purchase. I give it an "11". A two thumbs up. 5 gold stars (or nuggets!).