1.LB of Gold Paydirt Explorer Series "North American Ancient River Bed Dirt" 1 Gram-Intermediate

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1.LB of Gold Paydirt "North American Ancient River Bed Dirt mixed with Natural Gold Nuggets" 1/2 Gram

Jackpot Bag Every 30 Bags

What is the jackpot bag? For every 30 bags sold, some lucky prospector will receive a bag with 5x ROI( Return on Investment)

Intermediate Level

Please note that each bag will contain different size and amounts of gold compared to the ones pictured.

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For each order you will receive 1 factory sealed tempered proof bag of my 1.lb Gold Paydirt. Each bag will come with added gold to add to the value.  My goal is to give a fun and great experience to you and or family.  These bags are great for beginners and experienced prospectors.  The amount of gold panned will vary depending on your skill.

 No Foolin’ Guarantee, Gold in Every Bag!

When you buy gold paydirt from me, I guarantee that the gold you will find is 100% natural and not man made. The gold that is found in my paydirt contains gold you would find in rivers, streams and ancient channels from North America. My paydirt will contain gold supplied by Nuggets By Grant.   

What is gold paydirt? It's dirt that contains gold flakes, pickers and or small nuggets, that people can classify and pan out as a hobby or for educational purposes. 

How is it used? When panning for gold using my paydirt, the objective is to separate the gold from the dirt using gold panning techniques. 

What kind of ROI should you expect? Depending on your level and skill in panning, you can expect to retrieve about 40-50% from your investment per bag that you purchase. 

I guarantee that the gold found in my paydirt is authentic or 110% money back guarantee 

What is a Natural Gold Nugget? It is a piece of gold that broke out of quartz deposits within the earth when erosion took place. It also goes by the name Placer Gold and each piece is a one of a kind with no two being exactly alike.

· Where can they be found? Wherever the effects of erosion took place. That would include rivers, streams, ancient dried up river channels and underground riverbeds.

· How pure are they? Gold nuggets range from 65 to 95 fine 16-23KT gold and can have other mineral content such as silver and copper mixed in with it.

· What sizes do they come in? Gold Nuggets come in all sizes, the smaller one range in sizes from 1 millimeter up to 6 and is often referred to as flakes. Bigger flakes are called nuggets and have been found as large as 2500 ounces although almost all nuggets bigger than 300 ounces were melted.

· How Are Natural Gold Nuggets found? They can be found in rivers and streams using a gold pan or suction dredges that act like an underground vacuum cleaner. Larger operations use large machinery that dig up huge sections of dirt weighing several tons and run it through machines that separate the gold from the dirt. Nuggets are also found using a metal detector.

· How are they weighed? They are weighed by the troy ounces. 12 ounces = one pound which differs from weight which is 16 ounces to the pound. The troy ounces are broke up into 20-penny weight to the ounces and use the symbol DWT or by the grams which has 31.1 to the ounces. The larger the nugget the more rare and valuable they are. A one-ounce nugget is now considered as rare as a five-carat diamond. (How many of those do you own?)

· Why are some real bright and others dull? Because it was formed underground in quartz deposit you often find quartz mixed in with it. When they broke off into the rivers and streams they tumbled against the sand and gravel, which gave the nuggets, it's texture but dulled it. They can be cleaned in different solutions, and then tumbled in different media to give it the shine.

Customer Reviews

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Larry Butcher
Great as always

If you have never tried Irwin's .You are truly missing out . I'm truly a life long Irwin's customer 😁👍

Joshua Barczynski
Great bag of paydirt

This paydirt was a nice river rock blend. I got the 1g of gold promised. The paydirt had no black sands or flour gold. Fairly easy intermediate paydirt but good entertainment.

Dylan hansen
So fun, great for learning

Really good product, lots of different sizes of gold to test the your technique, had lots of fun, got the guaranteed gold every time even some extra!!!

Phillip Minks

Got a bag of dirt that smelled like a dishwasher... and 1 bag was so muddy .. like? It wasn't dirt? It was muddy.
It also took forever to get here across the country. Just not worth it to me because how average it is. All together good though!

Ralph S.
Great paydirt! Just ordered one more bag! Love it, I’ll be back! Never disappointed!

Got to try this if never before! Great gold in all my orders! No regrets! I’ll get more!