1 lb Gold Paydirt with 1 Gram of Genuine Gold - Novice Level

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Introducing our 1 lb Gold Paydirt mixed with Natural Gold Nuggets, the ultimate gold panning experience for beginners and experienced prospectors alike. Each factory-sealed bag contains a special blend of dirt, gold flakes, pickers, and small nuggets, sourced from rivers, streams, and ancient channels across North America.

With a novice-level mesh size of #25-8, this Gold Paydirt is perfect for honing your panning skills. Use gold panning techniques to separate the gold from the dirt, and get ready for the thrill of discovering genuine gold treasures.

Every bag is carefully prepared and includes added gold to enhance its value. We guarantee that the gold you'll find is 100% natural and not man-made. 

What can you expect in terms of return on investment (ROI)? Depending on your panning skills, you can anticipate retrieving about 40-50% of your investment per bag. The gold found in our paydirt is genuine, and we back it up with our No Foolin' Guarantee.

Natural Gold Nuggets are unique pieces of gold that originated from quartz deposits deep within the Earth. They come in various sizes, from small flakes to larger nuggets. Each nugget is a one-of-a-kind creation, often containing a mix of gold, silver, and copper.

These nuggets can be found in rivers, streams, ancient river channels, and underground riverbeds. Gold panning with a pan or using specialized equipment like metal detectors allows you to discover these treasures. Natural Gold Nuggets are weighed in troy ounces, with larger nuggets being rarer and more valuable.

The appearance of Natural Gold Nuggets varies, with some having a bright shine while others may appear dull due to the presence of quartz. Cleaning solutions and tumbling processes can enhance their shine and texture.

At Irwin's Paydirt, we are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional gold panning experience. Our 1 lb Gold Paydirt mixed with Natural Gold Nuggets offers the thrill of prospecting and the opportunity to uncover genuine gold treasures. Invest in your gold panning adventure today!

Customer Reviews

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Randy Spicer

was great

Thomas Upton

Each bag of pay dirt had at least 1.1 grams of gold in them. I've never been disappointed with Irwin's paydirt. You can waste your money at the other paydirt sellers, but for me it Irwin's. Outstanding

Shannon King

Loved it ,want more, fever!!! Actually really enjoyed it panned out great nice gold !!


Very satisfying got over 1g. Just ordered another

Jayne Leh
Great Product!

The dirt did not disappoint! I got it for my son and me because we weren’t finding gold in any of our panning efforts and I wanted to be sure it wasn’t our methods. The gold was easy to pan out and effortless! Thank you, Irwin for your product!!